Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day Eight ~ A Day of Reflection

Do you love movies?  Or maybe you just love popcorn!  Do you love to ski, run, play video games, watch sports, take part in political conversations, or drink coffee at your local shop?  We all love to do certain things.  I have several 'obsessions' that give me something to think about, ways to spend my money, and that tend to take up my time.  Right now I am outfitting a new bicycle and dreaming about a trip that would take me from Utah to Kansas on my new wheels!  We all love something.

Today, we want to stop and reflect a bit.  We want to think together about the things we love.  What are the essential elements of focus for our love?  What can we set aside?  What is helpful?  What is a problem?

Think out loud with someone you love about the things you love.  Be honest.  Let God speak...and then take the steps that will enrich your spiritual journey.   Peace!

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