Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day Twenty-Five ~ Walking With Children

It has been clear to me since I was quite young that children need adults.  Not just to keep them on the straight and narrow, not just to raise them up in a positive way, but especially to provide for those who do not have the option of making their own way in the world.

When I was 15 my family physician Dr. Albert Wolfson took me under his wing to show me how to care for children who could not care for themselves.  His son Scott had been born with multiple difficulties that impacted his ability to learn, to interact with others, and to care for himself.  Dr. Wolfson had the opportunity to develop a small ranch setting outside Idaho Springs, Colorado where he created a place for kids like Scott to experience life.  He was kind enough to include me in the journey.

Years later, God (although I did not believe in God at the time) led me to the Fort Logan Mental Health Center where the Lord (did I mention that I did not believe in the Lord at the time?) provided the opportunity to work for 10 years with emotionally disturbed children. 

Dr. Wolfson's ranch and the Fort Logan kids solidified my thinking about adults and kids.  Especially kids with special needs.

Today, Chris Seay's video takes us directly in to an orphanage bedroom in Haiti.  Francine lives there.  As you will see, it is basic at best.  But you can also easily imagine how deep the need is for that little girl and the children who live with her.  They need you.  They need adult folks who care.  They need believers who actually believe and put legs to their faith.

Today (actually at midnight tonight) our Wilson community of faith here in Colorado Springs will be sending forth a 14 member mission team that will be traveling to Gressier, Haiti to work with a remarkable Christian school and a team of incredible disciples who are making ministry happen.  Our team will work with the kids, provide support for the continued construction of the school, and share a first hand experience of how God is at work around the world.  They will make a difference!  And they will be changed.  They will be changed by the experience for sure, but mostly they will be transformed by the Holy Spirit into a deeper image of Christ in the world.  That is a special thing!

Pray for the children.  Pray for the team.  Pray for yourself.  Pray for Francine.  It will make a difference!

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