Saturday, March 24, 2012

Day Twenty-Eight ~ Slow Down!

Sorry about yesterday!  Believe it or not, I got too busy...Sorry!

But really isn't that what we need to talk about today...aren't we all just a bit too busy?  We overload our calendars, we overlap events, we calculate the time it will take to accomplish a task, and we try to pack way too many things in to a short time frame.  We are busy people!

Some folks even cherish the identity of being busy.  It becomes a part of their ego identity.  Their self esteem begins to depend on the number of things they can juggle at any one time.  They even design and develop different responsibilities that challenge their time and ability just to give the outward appearance of being important or significant in the eyes of others.  In a weird way, they actually want people to know how much they do and have some sympathy for them all at the same time.

But it does not need to be pathological to have an impact on our spirits.  Busy with other things often means that we have placed our relationship with God on the bottom of our to-do list.  Our spiritual lives suffer, our discipleship is diminished, and our investment in serving others suffers.

Are you busy today?  We are getting ready to sell a house, buy another home, make a major move, say good bye to wonderful friends, and start fresh in a new community.  Even so, I want to be available to my family and to my faith.  Without that, I am fooling no one!  How about you?

Slow will be glad you did!

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