Monday, March 5, 2012

Day Eleven ~ Release from Addictions


First, an OOPS related to the video.  I say it is day 10 but please excuse that is really Day Eleven in our Lenten journey.

I hope you had a great day of feasting yesterday.  I was able to feast in a circle of friends as we heard details about mission ministry in Haiti.  It was a joy!

Today, we are thinking about addictions.  You may not think this is a major area for your life.  Or you may know exactly the addictive behavior that haunts you every day.  Eating too much, smoking, drinking, you name it, we all have them.  The key is to find release.

You know that God is in the business of transformation!  In fact, the gift of transformation is central to the themes of Lent.  God doesn't invite us to pray, study, and fast just to see if we will do it.  It is all about transformation.  It is about a change process that is continuous in the life of a disciple.  Learning new things is a part of transformation.  Discovering new paths for the spiritual life is a part of transformation.  We all need continual transformation.

I invite you to pray to day ... ask God to show you the invisible addictions in your life.  Then ask God to provide an exodus, a release from bondage, a journey toward freedom, a spiritual reality that provides growth and transformation.

May God lead you forward into a land of promise!

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