Sunday, March 4, 2012

Another Feast Day!!

Happy Sunday to you all!  It is the Second Sunday in the season of Lent and we are faithfully making our way to Holy Week and the celebration of Easter!

I pray that your week has gone well and that your spiritual disciplines are strong.  Remember, Lent is a season of fasting, prayer, study and service.  Don't forget the service part of the spiritual life.  Be sure you are reaching out to touch others.  Not just with a spirit of satisfaction because you have been faithful in the past, but with a heart that is always looking to the future.  There are remarkable possibilities for serving the world that will unfold right before our eyes if we are only watching and ready to act.

As a feast day, we pray that you will eat well.  Eat with friends, make a connection with someone who has not been readily available to your, perhaps even go out of your way to be a surprise blessing to someone.  Feasting comes in lots of shapes.  Feast on your faith.  Feast on your relationships.  Feast on you ability to bless others.  Feast well!

May the peace of Christ be yours today and every day!

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