Sunday, March 18, 2012


Today is Sunday!  A day of worship, celebration and hope.   I pray that you are fasting and feasting with a spirit of deep commitment and a desire to know God better during this season of Lent.

My prayer for you is simple.  Find a place to worship, offer yourself to God, discover new ways to serve as you express your faith in Christ.

Some of you are in Kentucky where the talk will be about the UK Wildcats.  Others are in Cleveland where you are looking forward to spring.  Still others are in places around the globe where you are seeking to live your faith to the fullest.  Wherever you are, know that God loves you and that the grace of God will sustain you.

Whatever you face today, God has already touched that situation.  Celebrate, feast with your friends, find time to pray, and remember...God is with you!


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