Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day Sixteen ~ Grace to Walk

A confession is in order.  Yes, I missed a couple of days in our journey.  I could make excuses and tell you how pressed the schedule has become, or just say ~ Hello ~ an move on from there.

So here is goes ~Hello~ Great to see you again!

Most Christians find themselves talking or at least think about grace from time to time.  Grace is a great and wonderful mystery that connects people to the heart of God.  In the thinking of a fellow named John Wesley (one of my theological and spiritual heroes) grace is a gift of God that comes to all people at all times.  Non-believers receive grace that invites them to shift their hearts toward God.  Believers become recipients of grace as a gift that solidifies the God / human connection and assists us as we continue to grow.

Have you seen God's grace lately?  Have you had a moment to ponder the abundant love of God that has been directed your way since your first breath?  Do you see God working in your life today?

The study of anthropology invites us to recognize the human context for any one person or group of people.  It challenges us to think about the power of culture, the impact of language, and the essential values that bring shape to our life journey.  When you mix culture, language, values (and a number of other factors) with the potent gift of grace from the hand of get something very unique.  Christian community begins to take shape.

As grace shapes our hearts, we begin to look to God for leadership.  We begin to ask the Lord how we should respond to such a radical gift. At the end of our conversation, we often find people who need the same gift we have received.  Grace.  Thank God grace is abundant.  Thank God that grace is free.  Thank God that there is nothing the can stop the flow of grace from the heart of God.

Lord, bless those who are feeling separated from you because they do not have resources.  Bless those who think you do not care or that you are not present because they are hungry.  Draw close to fellow believers so we can speak on your behalf and share the grace we have received. 

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