Monday, March 12, 2012

Day Seventeen ~ Remembering

The process of remembering is remarkable.  What actually happens when we remember?  A neurologist would love to tell us about the synaptic connections that provide a way for electrical energy to move from cell to cell until we are able to capture a thought in our mind or frame a picture in our imagination. 

Remembering, a remarkable ability that has been created by God and refined in the human species.

Then there are times when we can not remember.  It may be something simple like where did I put my keys.  Or I may be tragic like those who can no longer recall the name or face of a spouse.

Throughout Scripture, we are invited to remember.   People of Israel, remember that it was God who brought you out of slavery.  Followers of Jesus, do this in remembrance of his life, death and resurrection.  Remember that the Lord our God has a gift of grace to add into every situation.  Even the darkest days have a measure of grace if we allow ourselves to see through the darkness through the power of memory.

Lent is a great time to remember.  In spiritual terms we often say it is the discipline of reflection that allows our intellectual abilities to connect to our emotional center and link our spirit to the daily realities we all face.

Remember, you have been blessed to be a blessing.  Remember your blessings.  Remember the people around you.  Remember:  It is far more than a synaptic junction.  It is the gift of life.

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