Sunday, March 25, 2012


I am not sure about what you do for sabbath but I know the concept is critically important to my life.  I can not say that I 'honor the sabbath' with every breath I take or that my absolute weekly practice is pure and without fault.  But I can tell you that without sabbath, I tend to wither.

Sabbath for many means a day of worship.  A day set aside to shift gears away from the regular schedule so you can be with family or friends.  For others it is a day that is entirely focused on God.  It can be a day that is set aside for study, renewal, and spiritual conversation.  Or it can be a day of serving the Lord in a way that provides a measure of refreshment for your spirit.

Today, I will play a very small part in a ministry that has been going on for many years here in our community.  It is the Lord's Dinner that is served to anyone who would like a hot and nutritious meal on Sunday evening.  It is designed to fill a gap when the regular meal providers are off duty.  Volunteers arrive early to prepare the meal and set the table.  Then another group will take their place to serve the meal and distribute it to over 100 people.  Homeless individuals will arrive on foot.  Families will come with young children.  Soon the fellowship hall at Sacred Heart Catholic Church will be full and dinner will be served.  Sabbath!

I pray that you will find sabbath today.  I hope that your sabbath includes worship in a place where your spirit can be fed.  Once you are full, share the abundance with someone else.  Peace!

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