Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day Thirteen ~ Distractions

Distractions...As you read the reflections in A Place At The Table, you will be engaged by Chris' conversation about distractions in his life.  Isn't it interesting that many of our distractions today come in electronic form.  Does that happen to you? 

For example, this morning, at 5:30 AM, I read the Day 13 reflection on my iPad while catching up on my email and trying to resolve a glitch in the online course I am teaching.  At the same time I am thinking about some very important decisions and doing my best to breathe deep in a spirit of quiet devotion.  Distractions!  Most of the time they are ours creation and ours to overcome.

Distractions don't just keep our minds going in circles.  They don't simply diffuse our attention so everything seems to flow together.  They actually separate us from God.  Even if that separation is just for a is a barrier!

What distracts you today?  Is there something on your heart?  Is there an electronic gadget in your pocket that continues to capture your attention?  How about this, take a minute to set everything aside, calm your heart, breathe deep, and ask God to enter into the space that was once occupied by your distractions.  Ask God to create in you spirit of refreshment.  Invite the Lord to show you a path that will lead you into the day with a spirit of hope and clarity.

For me, I am going to follow my own advice!

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