Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day Ten ~ Compassion

The word compassion has different meanings to different people. To some it is the intentional and deeply personal application of passion that flows from our faith.  For others it is a gift that is received in a time of need.  For still others it is a word that carries a much larger and more intense gift of love that goes well beyond anything that could ever be expected.

If you watched the Day 10 video at, you will know that Chris recorded todays scene on site at the office of Compassion International in Ecuador.  You might also know that the main office for Compassion is located here in Colorado Springs.  I drove past the office the other day.  I must tell you, if you know anything at all about the ministry of Compassion can not let their work cross your mind without entering into a prayer of thanksgiving.

Hundreds of people around the world find hope through positive employment while thousands of children find life through the gift of sponsorship.

One of our good friends (Hi! - a little shout out) recently left employment with Compassion to launch an educational journey that will lead to mission and ministry.  I can tell you this, employees of Compassion live out the name of the organization and the organization truly lives up to its name.

The call for today is a typical element of Lent.  It is a call to pray.  Pray for the people who carry out the daily details of ministry that create a link between ministry organizations and the people who have deep need around the world.  Pray for the folks who open the doors, clean the office, care for the computer systems, enter data, engage children, and provide resources.  Pray for those who make decisions, direct traffic, and share vision.  Pray for your favorite mission ministry.  Surround it with prayer, love and the compassion of your heart!

God bless you all as you enter the weekend and make plans to worship!

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Anonymous said...

Hi!! Thanks for the little shout out. I can't think of the word Compassion without thinking of how the ministry of Compassion International has impacted my journey. If I may be so bold to say it, "sponsor a child". That child will change your life far more than you can possibly imagine. When thinking about praying for these organizations, please do, and also know that they are praying for you. Compassion Children all around the world pray for their sponsors every morning. It is a beautiful thing, one that I got to experience several times in El Salvador. It cannot be explained. Their lives are filled with hope and joy, which ripples into their families, their friends and their communities.