Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Circle of Love ~ Wednesday April 20

Wednesday April 20                           John 12:27-36

Wonderful Wednesday at Wilson tonight: 5:30 dinner!
Lenten Circle of Love study group meets with Randy Jessen in Room 10 @ 6:15 to reflect on the readings of the past week and to examine the flow of Holy Week.

Do you remember when we talked about the way John loves to speak about light and dark?  It is a primary metaphor that helps his readers understand the remarkable blessing that is ours when we step from dark to light. 

In this passage we focus our attention on the last two verses.  Take a moment to reread verses 35-36 to focus on the issues of ‘light and dark’…now take a minute to reflect before you jot down your thoughts about how ‘light and dark’ impact your life.

During Holy Week we will be experiencing the impact of this message most dramatically between Good Friday and Easter morning.  The world can sometimes look very gloomy before we are able to notice the light penetrating the dark.  Thank God we know that the empty tomb is just around the corner!

[Happy Birthday Dad and Louise!]

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