Monday, April 11, 2011

Circle of Love ~ Monday April 11, 2011

Monday April 11                                John 9:1-17

Are you ready for another “I am” identity statement from Jesus?  I am the light of the world.”  It is a restatement of the reality but it comes at a very interesting time.  Jesus speaks these words as he encounters a man who was born blind.

We all know that our eyes are dependent upon light.  In fact, the ability to take in light is essential to our ability to engage our sense of sight.  Without light we too would be left in the dark like the blind man at the feet of Jesus.

I am not going to ask you to restore sight to the blind but I am going to invite you to be hypersensitive this week.  Would you be willing to be sensitive to the things you see during this new week?  Could you look beyond the ordinary or expected to see the places where people walk in darkness?  Be especially aware of the places where injustice is a way of life or where poverty and pain have taken control and darkened the way.  Open your eyes, your spiritual eyes, and ask God how you should proceed.

When Jesus begins to light the way…we have the option to see far beyond our own abilities and limitations.  What do you see?  You might even keep a record of the things you see in a spiritual or prayer journal.  The key question is this:  if I see the needs, will I be willing to serve?  If I see, will I be willing to share my abundance so others might have sight?

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