Monday, April 18, 2011

Circle of Love ~ Monday April 18

Monday April 18                                John 12:9-19

It is Monday of Holy Week!  We will be walking together as we approach the cross, make our way through Good Friday, and then find ourselves celebrating at the Easter resurrection tomb.  Let’s walk together!

Before we walk too far, let’s take a moment to ride with Jesus on the back of a young donkey as he enters into Jerusalem. He is the featured guest (the Grand Marshall) of the triumphant parade.  People from all around the region have gathered.  They heard about Lazarus and the other miracles of Jesus.  Now they want to get close so they can be connected to his ministry. 

They offer the familiar gift of palm branches but the great gift is their song…Hosanna!  It means ‘save us’ but over time it was simply a strong expression of praise.  They wanted to offer a gift of praise.

Today, we praise God with our prayers, our acts of worship, our dedication to the church, and the way we choose to live our lives.  For the Christian, all of life is a celebration of praise.  Our entire journey carries the spirit of Hosanna!

This is a week that will end with the remembrance of the most powerful in human history.  It will be a time worthy of praise. But before we arrive at the celebration we need to make our way through the cross.  Let’s do it as people who are surrounded by the grace of God!  Give it your best!

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