Friday, April 8, 2011

Circle of Love ~ Friday April 8, 2011

Friday April 8                                     John 6:52-59

Don’t you think it is appropriate that the reading for our day of fasting would focus on spiritual food?  Jesus is challenging the people with a deeply spiritual and theological reality…he is in fact the spiritual bread of life that will nourish our souls and feed our spirits.

Remember, your fast today will be designed to challenge your daily schedule so you will be reminded to focus more significantly on God’s will for your life.  It is not punishment, not weight loss, and not a way to gain more stars in your crown.  It is a way to intentionally discipline our lives so we remember that God is with us.  As always, you could choose food, television, talking, technology, or you name it…God will find a way to use it.

The conversation about the true bread of heaven continues in this passage.  In fact, most of chapter six is about bread in one way or another.  It is either physical bread or spiritual bread.  But the essential truth really comes at the end of this passage.  In the past, people ate bread (manna) and still died.  Now we have a unique opportunity to feed on the spiritual bread that takes shape through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.  When we eat the ‘bread’ of Jesus we discover life that is everlasting.

Two simple questions come to mind:  First, do you know the everlasting life that is offered through the life of Jesus?  Second, what difference does it make in the way you live your life?

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