Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Circle of Love ~ Wednesday April 13

Wednesday April 13                           John 10:1-18

Wonderful Wednesday at Wilson tonight: 5:30 dinner!
Lenten Circle of Love study group meets with Randy Jessen in Room 10 @ 6:15 to reflect on the readings of the past week.

Wouldn’t you know it!  Here are two more “I am” passages that continue to add to the identity of Jesus.  I am the gate.  I am the good shepherd.  I wonder how many “I am” passages are in the Gospel of John.  That would be a wonderful extra credit assignment.   Take a look, count them up, and then send me an email at  We can talk!

For Jesus, a lifestyle of faithfulness was literally a life and death matter.  We all know that in the end he will lay down his life so others might find life that is everlasting.  He previews this reality with his comments about the Good Shepherd who is willing to lay down his life for his sheep.  He gives his life willingly because he is invested.  He is not like someone who is just hired to oversee the flock.  He knows and loves the flock and I am eternally grateful!

Today, I invite you to celebrate the fact that you are a part of the flock.  You are loved by God.  You are a blessed child of God.  And the sacrifice of Jesus the Good Shepherd was directed toward your life.

As we started this journey Lent, we set a commitment to express our faith through a tithe and to grow in our desire to share our lives.  No one is asking us to give up our lives but to live our lives to the fullest by making a difference in the world.  How are you doing with that desire?

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Tamara said...

Looks like 10+ if you only count the ones where He tells us an aspect of who He is; loads of "I am" where He tells us what he is going to do.