Thursday, April 14, 2011

Circle of Love ~ Thursday April 14, 2011

Thursday April 14                              John 10:19-42

Do you think it is strange that every time we turn around someone is trying to kill Jesus?  He is challenged by everyone for all kinds of reasons.  Someone is always getting ready to throw stones or to turn him in to the officials for some misdeed.  In this passage they try to seize him but he was able to escape.  Do you see where he went to find safety?  He went back to the place of his baptism.

I wonder…could that be a good model for our lives?  When we are under fire, when the cards seem stacked against us, and when everyone wants a pound of flesh…could we go back to the place of our baptism?

Maybe you cannot literally go back but could you go back in a spirit of prayer.  Could you go back to a time when you were the focused recipient of the grace of God?  Could you imagine what it was like to have someone speak words of the Beloved over your life?  That would be a great gift!

When you get to that place of your baptism…be sure you reread verse 42 to see the result.  And in that place many believed in Jesus.  This may sound strange, but a part of the way I evaluate my life is by considering who comes to faith in Jesus.  Have you brought anyone to the feet of Jesus as an act of faith and commitment?  Now that would be an incredible gift!

Good stewards take good care of the gifts they have been given.  Good stewards know when and where to share their lives because they are the caretakers of their faith, their resources, and their influence.

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