Saturday, April 16, 2011

Circle of Love ~ Saturday April 16

Saturday April 16                               John 11:28-44

Don't forget the prayer vigil today in the Sanctuary.  Stop in anytime (even in you did not sign up!) to spend some time in prayer.  We are offering prayers of thanksgiving for the good things God has done, asking blessing on our Holy Week experience, and seeking God's wisdom for the future.  
“Lazarus, come out!”  Can you hear Jesus calling into the tomb to invite his friend back to life?  “Lazarus!”  I can almost hear the cry of Jesus.  It contains an imperative instruction, a new-life invitation, and an expression of potent hope that comes straight from the heart of God.

Maybe we could stretch things just a bit and imagine what that call of Jesus would sound like with your name in the cry.  Not that God is going to call us from the tomb or awaken us from death.  But that we would be stirred to respond, to wake up, to set moving when it comes to our faith journey.

In a broad sweeping way that is the purpose of Lent.  It is a wakeup call.  It is a time of reflection that invites us to action.  Our action must always be toward greater degrees of discipleship. 

I believe that most of us already know what areas of Christian discipleship need to be improved in our lives.  We don’t need someone to point it out or to teach us something new.  We just need to listen to the voice of God calling our name…Come out! 

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