Saturday, April 23, 2011

Circle of Love ~ Saturday April 23, 2011

Saturday April 23                               Matthew 27:57-66      Easter Eggs for children!  10:00 AM

Today is the last of our 40 days in the Circle of Love sequence.  I rejoice in your faithfulness and celebrate what God has been doing among us.  I pray that your commitment to Scripture and prayer has been a blessing to you.  Now, there is just one more day!  I hope you will join us for Easter worship...6:30 Sunrise on the Wilson 'front yard'...8:00 ~9:30~11:00 in our newly updated sanctuary.  If you can not join the Wilson community...please be a part of a faith community in your neighborhood!

One last Lenten reading:  Please read the Gospel passage from Matthew 27:57-66.   Read it slowly.  Let it sink deeply into your spirit.

The cross has accomplished its purpose.  The tomb has been prepared.  The body has been wrapped.  The guard has been posted.  And the stone has been sealed.  It is time to wait.  We are invited to wait in a spirit of reflection.  Wait.  Faithfully wait.  Easter is coming!

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