Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday ~ A Feast Day

Within the 40 day pattern of Lent we will naturally have a series of Sunday experiences.  Traditionally, the Sundays are not counted as a part of the 40 days that flow from Ash Wednesday to the celebration of Easter.  As a result, Sundays are always uniquely celebrated.

Within our sequence of fast days, we find the joy of a feast day.  Take a minute and re-read the material in Chapter Four of A Place At The Table so you can capture the rhythm of feasting and fasting as a part of the Kingdom sequence.

Remember, feasting in not about going to a buffet and trying to out eat the price tag!  It is about celebrating the presence of God and enjoying the natural cycle of life that God endorsed at creation.  It is about sabbath, sequence, and celebration.

It is also about worship.  This is a day to feast on the Lord in a very real way.  It is a day that provides us the corporate and individual opportunities to be refilled and refueled through acts of worship.  God wants to fill you to overflowing!

Wherever you are, I pray that you will worship well.  I pray that you will 'taste and see that the Lord is good' throughout the day by meditating on the Word you read or hear today in worship.  Gather your friends, talk with your family, spend time together as the Body of Christ to allow the fullness of today to enrich your journey.  Call 'home' to touch base.  Connect with someone you love. Contact someone who needs a voice of encouragement.  Receive and share, that too is the rhythm of the Kingdom.

May the Lord be present and known to you on this First Sunday of Lent!   Amen

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