Monday, February 27, 2012

Day Five~ A Day of Thanksgiving

We have been invited to consider the simple things around us and be thankful. Chris even invites us to take time to write down a series of items for which we are thankful.  Let me share just a few of the items that are on my list:
  • My family and my household that includes my wife and daughter
  • Good health 
  • The blessing of medical care for our daughter
  • The joy of having a place to serve
  • The privilege of watching people grow in their faith and service
  • The new day that will unfold and the opportunity to pray for this day and the people who will inhabit these 24 hours within my connected sphere
  • For children around the world and the people who care for them

These are just a few, my list, like yours...could continue for a long time.

For now, be thankful and take time today to learn more about the people around you.  Especially take time to discover the plans, programs, and people who serve the poor in your area.  Perhaps you will discover a new ministry that excites your spirit or meet a new person how challenges your faith and adds a new circle of relationship to your journey.

Life is indeed a journey!

Video Note:  Please forgive the limited abilities that are demonstrated in the video.  It is apparently very hard for me to tell how tall I actually am or to know where the camera is really pointing.  If the truth were known, I have been concerned about my receding hair line so I just decided to do away with it...apparently along with my forehead.  Sorry.   I think you will get the point in spite of my 'less than Academy Award chromatography.

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