Friday, February 24, 2012

Day Three ~ The Cold and Snow of Winter

Today is a day like no other day.  It has never happened befroe and it will never come around again in this exact form.  It is a gracious gift to you.  And it arrives ready to unwrap at this particular moment.  Enjoy it by being a blessing to someone today.

If you are a 'Grand Sweep' person (our congregational effort to read through the Bible in 2012) you have been rediscovering the life and ministry of Moses over the last couple of weeks.  Chris Seay teaches about Moses today and connects the life of Moses to the invitation of Jesus to 'come unto me'   I am just wondering, are you ready to come?  Is your life drawing you closer to Christ.

If you are connecting with the comments you heard the question about what God is teaching and how long will it take.  Can we learn it over a long period of time or can we expect something sooner?  In truth, it is a day by day discovery.  It is like a great painting on a beautiful stand but it is draped for now but the grand reveal is happening moment by moment.  It is not a is just always ready when we are ready.  Lent is about getting ready.

Blessed are those who ....

May the peace of Christ and be blessing of warmth be yours today.  Care for those who seem to have neither blessing or warmth.

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