Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Grand Sweep

So here we are, it is week number 6 of the Grand Sweep.  We are about to move out of Exodus and into Leviticus.  Here is my best advice, whatever you do...do not get stuck in Leviticus (or anywhere else for that matter!).

Years ago, Sue and I were working with mission teams that were serving in the Four Corners area through Four Corners Native American Ministries of the United Methodist Church in Shiprock, New Mexico.  We had a great time with the people and found wonderful joy through that ministry experience.

At one point the Four Corners ministry was building mobile church buildings on the frame of a double wide mobile home.  They would build the facility and then tow it to a location in the middle of nowhere in the Navajo Nation to provide a regional place of worship.

I remember one traveling church facility that left Shiprock and headed for Chinle, Arizona.  On the way the tow team ran into an unexpected and quite rare rainstorm.  The rain created a classic flash flood along with mud galore.  The mobile home frame sank past the axles in heavy mud.  Every effort was made to dig it out, but it was stuck for good.  As a result, the folks just looked around and said, this must be the place God intended to plant a church.  To the best of my knowledge, that church is still there and has been serving as a place of worship for over 25 years!

The moral of the story seems to be twofold.  First, don't get stuck!  But (second) if you do get stuck, make sure you provide a place for the Lord to do his thing!

Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy...here we come!  Use four wheel drive whenever you need it!  Shift down, climb that hill, and make it happen.  God will bless you as you go!


Indy Martin said...

Thanks for posting Randy!

Nani Arning said...

Four wheel drive, here we come!

Randy Jessen said...

Thanks Indy