Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day Two ~ Solidarity

Today is a day of thanksgiving.  We celebrated Ash Wednesday.  Our journey has official been launched with a spirit of repentance and fresh commitment.  It is a joy to walk with you as we discover more about what God has in store for us as a group and as individuals.

Please watch the video and then be sure to add a comment so we can all discover new ways of serving together.  The comments will thread so you can engage others who are taking part in our journey.

The blessing of Jesus be yours!


MJStewart said...

Thanks for giving a shout-out to the Clevelanders on yesterday's post. My parents and I are fasting together for the next 40 days, and it'll be interesting to see how God moves in us individually as well as a family. I'll be honest though. Today, after only day 2 of this season, I wanted to say "Ok, I've learned my lesson; now can I eat whatever I want?" Deep down inside I know I haven't really learned my lesson, and I guess even if I have isn't there so much more to learn over these next 40 days?

Randy Jessen said...

We love having you on board. I fully believe God will do some wonderful things through your obedience. Wouldn't it be wonderful to arrive at Easter morning with a whole new insight on the love of God and the people of God!