Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mark 11:1-11

Wonderful Wednesday meal at 5:30    The Road To The Manger Bible Study 6:15
Luke 1:46b-55          I Samuel 2:1-10           Mark 11:1-11

                  Anytime you head out on a journey you are sure to see some signs along the way. Stop here, turn here, go slower, hurry up, merge right, lane closed, and sometimes there will even be a detour.
Jesus was traveling the road to Jerusalem. He came to the Mount of Olives on the edge of the city. He looked to his disciples and asked them to look for a sign. It was not a road sign or a directional indication. It was the sign of a young colt that had never been ridden.
The colt was a sign because signs give us information about the world around us. They tell us what to do and how to respond. This colt was a sign to everyone who saw it. It was a sign of humility.  It was a symbol of sacrifice. It would become the transportation of the King of Kings, but a different kind of king.
He was a king who did not consider the power of his position to be the key ingredient to his identity. He did not need the big corner office with a window and a fancy chair. He did not need a    stallion or a steed. He would be just fine with a colt because many people of his kingdom did not even have that much.
The people around him recognized his humility. They created a procession and began to honor his name. They began to elevate him by reciting the Psalms. And the crowd became a sign to the rest of the world as they placed branches under the feet of the colt to create a sacred path to the holy city of Jerusalem.
Think with me for a moment. What sign does Jesus represent in your life? And what sign do you offer as an indication of your dedication? Christmas is coming; we are watching and waiting for the Christ child to be born. We know that our actions are a symbolic gesture. But we also know that every sign has value. Our task is to watch, wait, and to know the power of God in this moment.
Lord Jesus, bring us a sign…show us the way…let us honor you.   Amen.    

Don't forget to bring a friend to Christmas Eve Worship.  5-7-9-11 at Wilson!   Be sure to worship where you are!

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