Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Grand Sweep

Have you ever thought about reading the Bible from front to back in one year?  Maybe you even set that as a personal goal or as a New Year resolution.  Here is your chance!

The Grand Sweep of the Bible will begin for the Wilson community in January of 2012.  We will move through the 52 weeks of the year with a focus on making our way from Genesis to Revelation.  The experience will include several components:
  • Daily Bible reading with reflections for each day of the year.
  • Sunday morning sermon focus that will carry us from January to December
  • Individual small groups on Sunday - Wednesday - and throughout the week
The key is your own personal commitment to daily reading and reflection!

I hope you will join your brothers as sisters as we share  this incredible journey together.  Just stop by the Grand Sweep table, purchase a $12 daily reading guide, sign up for a group, be present on Sunday and you are in!

The Grand Sweep was created and designed by Dr. Ellsworth Kalas.  I have actually invited Dr. Kalas to be with us on our journey.  He will be with us in November!  He will be preaching all three services and sharing a time of fellowship with the congregation.  In addition, he will share a Saturday seminar that will expand your faith and encourage your spirit.

Dr. Kalas is a wonderful Christian leader.  He is probably the most outstanding week-to-week preacher in recent memory.  Sue and I have been blessed to know Ellsworth and his wife Janet from our days together at Asbury Seminary.  I know you will be blessed.

For now, get your Bible, warm it up, and get ready for a great adventure!

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