Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Malachi 2:10 – 3:1

          Wonderful Wednesday meal at 5:30 The Road To The Manger Bible Study 6:15

                    Psalm 27      Malachi 2:10 – 3:1      Luke 1:5-17

          The days of Malachi sound a lot like our culture today. Relationships are often in chaos. People are in conflict with one another. Intimate vows are disregarded. People cry out for God but choose not to listen to the response. In the end, (verse 17) we have wearied the Lord with our words.

          I suppose God could decide to leave it at that. The Lord could say, “I’ve had enough.” We could be cut off, orphaned, abandoned, or even ostracized. But thanks be to God that is not the plan. The plan is for God to fulfill the innate character of the Almighty. It is the nature of God’s character to never give up. God pursues. God loves to make a way.

          This time, God is going to create an Advent Road to the Manger. God will send a messenger to prepare the way for the Messiah. Guess who that messenger will be? Right! It is another powerful reference to John the Baptist who is always the forerunner of Jesus.

          Even when things are really bad, God has a plan. Things may not be wonderful at your house today. You may be dealing with things that are known only to you. If that is the case, please know this…God has a plan. God loves to make a way. God never gives up. No matter what you face, you are not alone!

          A part of the plan is the personal connection you have with God and the relationships you experience as a part of the church. Be sure to join us tonight as we break bread together and work together to excavate God’s Word. We are never alone!

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