Tuesday, December 13, 2011

II Kings 2:9-22

Psalm 125          II Kings 2:9-22          Acts 3:17 – 4:4

                 Prophets were a key part of God’s plan as the people of Israel were watching and waiting for the coming of the Messiah. Chief among the prophets of the northern kingdom of Israel was a man named Elijah. He served in the north during the reign of King Omri and King Ahab. It was a difficult time in the history of Israel.
As Elijah was approaching the end of his life, a young prophet named Elisha (the two names are often confused) came to prominence . Elisha prayed that he could become a significant leader like Elijah. So Elijah gave him a chance. He was taken up to heaven in a chariot of fire and a mighty whirlwind. From that moment   Elisha would take on the mantle of leadership in the northern kingdom. 
And from that moment people would teach that one day the great prophet Elijah would return since he did not die an earthly death. To this day every Jewish family will set an extra plate at the  Passover meal. They will leave an empty chair and crack the entry door just a bit in case Elijah returns.
Our old friend John the Baptist continued the thread of the “Elijah” prophet who came to point to the Messiah. We have prophetic voices today. Voices of men and women who point us to Jesus and help us return to the center of our faith. They assist us in hearing the needs of the poor. They speak on behalf of God to remind us of who we are.
What prophetic voices are you hearing these days? Perhaps you are hearing the message of obedience as we reduce our holiday spending so we can invest deeply in the needs of a hurting world.  Perhaps you are hearing from inside your own spirit as God reshapes you into a true servant of Christ.  Perhaps… 

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