Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday March 28 John 7:14-36

It is a new week! I praise God for the blessing of worship within the Wilson

community of faith. It is always wonderful to gather together so we can hear the Word, lift our prayers, and discover new ways to serve the Lord in our community. I pray that this season of Lent will be a time when you increase your commitment to be a deeply connected part of the Body of Christ that we know as the Wilson United Methodist Church!

As we read the passage from the Gospel of John today we discover something very interesting about Jesus. Take a look at verse sixteen. Other rabbis and great teachers spent long days at the feet of other teachers. They gained their wisdom from others so they could pass it along to the people. But Jesus is different. (That may be the biggest understatement of the year!) He did not gain spiritual knowledge from other great masters of the faith. He received it directly from God. As a result, he could speak with great authority.

Authority is an interesting thing. Who (or what) holds authority over your life? Is it the unspoken but powerful rules from your family of origin? Maybe it is your employment? Or perhaps there is something that no one else really sees…it is unseen but powerful in your life.

It may be just the right time (remember Kairos?) for a shift of authority. After all, that really is our Lenten journey. It is a long forty day walk with God that always carries the invitation to consider shifting our faith, lightening our load, and allowing God to have greater leadership in our lives.

Authority is an interesting thing.

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