Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Circle of Love ~ Wednesday March 23

Wednesday March 23 John 5:1-18

Remember: No Wonderful Wednesday meal tonight due to Spring Break.

Lenten Circle of Love study group meets with Randy Jessen in Room 14 @ 6:15 to reflect on the readings of the past week.

Once again, be sure to practice your prayer before and after your reading. Before reading pray, “Speak to me Lord as I read your word.” Now, read the passage and give thanks in a spirit of prayer. “Almighty God, grant me insight for this day. Amen.”

Here is a wonderful account that demonstrates the Circle of Love concept. We have

a man who has a great need. He needs healing. He doesn’t recognize Jesus even though Jesus stands next to him and inquires about his situation. In a moment, Jesus invites him to take up his mat and walk as a demonstration of his full healing. He still doesn’t recognize Jesus. He just moves away and walks to the temple. Later Jesus and the man have an opportunity to meet and interact once again.

I wonder if there have been times in my life when I would be willing to do something remarkable while humbly slipping away to avoid credit. Most of us want credit. We want our name in the newspaper, our initials on the project, or our photo in the slide show.

Not so with Jesus. He came into the inner circle to worship and pray and then moved out into the world to touch lives with no expectation of obtaining credit or recognition. His life and humility becomes a model for our best service when we seek to remain anonymous.

The circle must be porous and the spirit must be humble. How’s yours? Are you willing to give without getting credit?

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Kimer said...

I'm becoming more willing! Thanks for the great reminder!