Saturday, March 26, 2011

Circle of Love ~ Saturday March 26

Saturday March 26 John 7:1-13

Did you notice the ‘lectionary jump’ as we shifted from John chapter five to John

chapter seven? Don’t worry, we will find our way back in about a week so we can fill in the gaps.

Meanwhile, let’s go on a journey back into time as Jesus faces a significant challenge. People were conspiring to take his life. They were working hard to get him to make decisions that would provide an excuse for him to be eliminated from the scene.

But Jesus says, “The right time for me has not yet come.” He means that the ‘Kairos’ moment is not yet at hand. Kairos represents the perfect timing of God. It is the time when all good things are in alignment.
For you a Kairos moment may have happened when you met your spouse or when you gave your life to Christ. For Jesus, it represented the fulfillment of his journey on earth. The time was not correct. There would be a right time in the near future but this was not the moment.

It is Saturday, perhaps we can take a bit more time to reflect. What would be the two or three Kairos moments that have occurred in your life? Have you experienced those moments when God was present and your life was in alignment with the love of Christ. Take a minute to reflect, then ask yourself, what difference has it made in my life of service, generosity, and dedication to God?

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