Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Circle of Love ~ Tuesday March 22

Tuesday March 22 John 4:43-54

Jesus is back in Cana. It was the site of his first miracle of changing the wedding feast water into the finest wine. Now he is confronted with another very serious challenge. He is faced with two issues. First, there is a request for healing. But second, there is a matter of faith. In the end, both will be endorsed but not without comment from Jesus.

The father, a government official, made the request for Jesus to heal his son. But Jesus comments that there are many who will not believe unless they see ‘signs and wonders’ that qualify as miraculous events. In spite of his comment, Jesus instructs the father to go home and discover that his son will live. As a result, the whole family (the household) became believers in Christ.

We could talk about many different features of this account. Let’s focus on just

one thought. Here it is: when one person (especially someone with leadership and influence) comes to faith, others people in the household will often join them in a faith journey. The issue is clear, mothers and fathers, you make a difference for your children. You influence many features of their lives but their openness to faith will be shaped by your willingness to connect to Christ.

Influence is a gift that God provides. It carries a heavy responsibility within families, in the work place, in schools, and throughout the community. Use it well. Use it with integrity, but use it.

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