Thursday, April 30, 2009

A New Song

No one would ever accuse my father of being a great singer. In fact, he often struggled to find the right tune. Apparently that is a genetic trait that is passed from father to son through the mystery of DNA!

Even though Dad would never win the American Idol competition, he loved to sing. He especially loved (this will miss most of you - but ring a strong bell for others!) The Sons of the Pioneers! Do you remember them? Leonard Slye (better known as Roy Rogers) got his start as a part of that famous vocal group.

As I remember, and as Dad would often sing, The Sons of the Pioneers had a song with a line that said, "Give me land, lots of land, don't fence me in!" Unfortunately, Dad only knew that particular line so he sang it over and over. Sometimes it was under his breath as background music. Other times it was loud and proud with great gusto. Either way, it became one of his many theme songs.

Give me land, lots of land, don't fence me in! It really is a multi faceted statement that includes personal philosophy, an image of home, a picture of expansive elbow room, and a desire for individual freedom. For Dad, it was also a message about his family that included his desire to provide abundantly. It represented open opportunity, no regrets, a positive and lush landscape that included much more than clean air and a place to spread your wings. It was a magical family address that mysteriously described a residence with no boundaries. It was a vision statement, a dream, a positive image of a future that was not yet, but was alive somewhere just over the horizon.

Dad didn't know it, but he was a planter of vision seeds. He saw things that were not yet available and made them a part of every day life. He sang his song in a way that reminded everyone that some day, some how, there would be blessing and abundance. In theological terms we would simply call it a vision of grace.

I wonder, does your home include a consistant vision of grace? In your heart, is the future bright and overflowing with possibilities even though today may not be filled with blue sky and green lights?

Do you have a new song, a vision song? Can you find the tune? Hey, what if we all sang it together? It would be a vision choir..."Give me land, lots of land, don't fence me in!"

Lord Jesus, we rejoice that you do not limit the grace that is available to our lives. Help us to sing your sing with glad and joyful voice! Amen

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