Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring time in Kentucky

Sue and I keep a close watch on the weather each day. We obviously keep track of the weather patterns in central Kentucky but we are much more comfortable with spring time in the Rockies. That means that we connected with the spring snow storm last week. It brought back great Colorado memories to see that swirl of white flowing across the weather map. (It may not have been quite as much fun for some!)

At the same time, here in Kentucky, April means green grass, plenty of flowers, lots of fresh leaves, and rain that won't quit. Here is a good way to measure of the difference between the bluegrass country of central Kentucky and the mile-plus altitude of Colorado...(don't tell anyone, but) I have already mowed my lawn 6 (count them) 6 times! And it needs to be mowed today but it looks like rain! Bummer!

Along with the regular transformation that comes with warmer temperatures, we are dealing with one change after another. It is good, but it makes for a long string of busy days. We have been getting our house ready to go on the market. In fact, it was listed last Friday with a very successful open house that happened on Sunday. Two more showings on Monday and one this afternoon! We are pleased but continuing to pray for the right family to connect with our property.

At the same time, Sue is getting Ana ready for the move to Colorado and working faithfully to keep the house "ready to show" at a moments notice. She continues to work with our Beeson Pastor spouse group with Bible study and prayer groups.

When it comes down to the nuts and bolts transitions get filled with things to do and calendars to manage. But that is just the surface. We all know that the real issues are all about relationships.

Relationships need to be nurtured as they come to life, as they mature, and as they come to points of change. Saying good-bye is always a change point that many folks would really rather avoid. At least, I would like to avoid those words and moments of farewell. Isn't it great that 'in Christ' we never really need to say good-bye! Good friends are always good friends and new friends are just another a way of extending the links of love that start with the heart of God.

I was reading Matthew 5:1-12 this morning. I was thinking about many of our international students and how they are working faithfully around the globe to serve the Lord. I thought about how they (and we) are 'blessed to be a blessing' to others. That is what a life of faith is all about. How to I link to the love of God so my life can then become a blessing to others? How can I find my own life in the words of Jesus while still staying focused on those who are in relationship with me? How long can the chain of blessing become? Or is it really a chain or is is more like a series of strong links that knit us all together into a tapestry of joy?

"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled." I like it! It plays in Peoria, Colorado Springs, Wilmore, and in every corner of the globe.

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