Thursday, April 16, 2009

Shifting Gears

Saturday April 4th was one of those turning point days. It was cold and windy with a bit of snow in the air. We all know there are times when snow can create a mystical playground when large flakes gently fall to the ground with a gentle whisper. But this was horizontal snow. Horizontal and snow do not really do well together! Even in Colorado.
But there we were, gathering in the church for our first official meeting. The technology of Skype was supposed to connect Sue and Ana from Wilmore, Kentucky to our meeting room scene in Colorado Springs. Unfortunately, there was a minor glitch that was worked out on site by the tech team.

After a couple of hours the Bishop's appointment was endorsed and I was welcomed as the newly appointed pastor of the Wilson United Methodist Church in Colorado Springs. We were delighted!

As of July 1, 2009 I will have the privilege of following Pastor Keith Watson who has been faithfully serving the people of Wilson UMC since he completed his work as a District Superintendent in 2004. It is my sincere desire to build on his work and on the foundations of faithful ministry over the past 20+ years. Each person connected with the Wilson congregation has made an impact. Together it will be our task to discern what God has in store for the next chapter of life shared together.
For now, it is time to complete our ministry here at Asbury Theological Seminary, sell our home, find a new home in Colorado Springs, pack a truck, say good bye to good friends, and (after a couple days on the road) arrive safely back at the foot of Pikes Peak.
We all know that every journey is about God's activity in our lives. Every person of faith knows that there are some essential elements that must be a part of any healthy soul. At a minimum we need to know that forgiveness is real, that hope is available and that the journey is not a solo flight.
Anyone want to buy a home in Wilmore, Kentucky?

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