Sunday, July 15, 2012

Release Your Spirit

Many years ago I took up the hobby of raising doves.  I had a nesting pair of ring neck doves and a handful of beautiful white doves.  Their coo in the morning always reminded me of grandma's house when I was very young.  They are beautiful birds.

From time to time folks at weddings, funerals, or celebrations of some sort want to do a dove release.  It can be a wonderful way to add a punctuation mark on the day.

I remember one wedding outside of Longmont at a wonderful event center.  The vows were said, the rings had been exchanged, and a kiss was shared.  As the couple turned to face the congregation the doves were released from a hidden location behind the couple.  They flew beautifully for the first ten to fifteen fluttering seconds.  Just then there was a tremendous clap of thunder and all the birds made a unified about face right back to the cage they came in.

The couple couldn't see what was happening over their shoulders but their guests had a great laugh.  They were all thinking about the symbolism of a wedding that is released and then makes an immediate U-turn to the safety and security of previous quarters.

With God the dove is a greater symbol of life, peace, and a spirit of hope.  The heavens open and the dove descends as a sign of the Holy Spirit and the endorsement of God.

In our inner life of faith, there is also a point of release that allows us to fly free.  It is a commitment of faith that says "I want to know Jesus" "I want my faith to soar"  "I want to fly"

I find way to many people who are restricted in their spirits.  They are unable to worship fully, they are inwardly focused when it comes to generosity, and they are easily caught up in conflicted situations.  Sad.  It is sad because you and I know that there is much more to life.

It may be time to fly!

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