Tuesday, July 31, 2012

House of Hope

Some of you have been there!  Others have heard the story.  Still others are new to the journey of the House of Hope in Arad, Romania.

It all started with this group of kids.  They are off to counquer the world with new winter gear that arrived in the form of a Christmas gift under a tree.  They are standing at the door way at the House of Hope.  They were excited!

That was 14 years ago.  Today, the same group of kids are young adults who are going off to graduating from High School and going off to college.  Things have changed!  They started off as abandoned children who were lost into the orphanage system.  They were scared when they arrived in the care of Global Hope but today they are confident and beautiful.  Their witness of faith is wonderful.

Today, they are living in a variety of settings and the House of Hope is being repurposed from a group home to a preschool / kindergarten.  It will open this fall with a whole new use but with the same laughter that has always blessed the walls.

The facility itself was once a small family farm house with a barn across the small courtyard.  The remodel of a 100 year old home was quite a trick.  But faithful folks made it happen.

Today the facility is in need of a new roof so the new school ministry can be officially licensed and the kids can be safe and dry.  We are committed to making that new roof happen.

A new roof will cost about $8000 with a full long term rebuild.

You could be a part of the process.  Any donation would help.  Just email me and I will tell you how and share the positive impact your gift can make.

Flavius, Gaby, Mircea, and Teo have all outgrown the group home that the House of Hope provided over the last 14 years.  Now it is time for a new adventure, complete with a new roof!

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