Monday, August 16, 2010

Sleeping Late

I just returned from another experience at the Abbey of Gethsemani in central Kentucky. Another weekend of silence and Psalms. Another opportunity to be washed in the songs of ancient Christian tradition. Yet another chance to see friends, walk the grounds and be reminded of this extraordinarily unique expression of community and faith.

A walk with friends to the statue garden reminded me of my continued struggle of life and faith. I sleep too much! I am not speaking of being remorseful because I don't arise for Vigils at 3:15 each day. I just sleep too much. Not slumber or an extended snooze. I just sleep too much.

Time after time, Jesus asks be to do two things, wait and watch. So what do I do? I tend to do the 'scriptural' thing...the disciple thing...I sleep. I fail to wait and I flounder at the invitation to simply watch.

My recent reminder prompted a new plan. It sounds simple, and it is. It involves listening and a spirit of obedience. Come to think of it, most dynamics of the spiritual life involve the same two features. Jesus asks us to listen and to obey.

So I resolve, not to be like the disciples who accompanied Jesus to the Garden. I resolve to listen and obey. In the end, it really involves waiting and watching.

How about you? Waited lately? Watched today? Take a minute to listen and then do the hard thing...obey. See you soon!

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