Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Never Find Yourself Alone In A Pew

Imported, they were, functional at best
Everyone in a row, all just like the rest
Worship and courtrooms, there they appear
The favorite location - all to the rear!

Here's some advice, unheeded I fear
If you leave it behind, I shed a tear
Wherever you go...whatever you do,
Never find yourself alone in a pew.

Pews are for people, we all fit just right
But one extra person, and things get tight
If you are in the court...have a friend at your side
In worship - let's face it - from God you can not hide

They are long, hard, benches in disguise
But the wisdom of pews isn't wasted on the wise.
They are places for folks like me and like you
Oh please, never find yourself sitting alone in a pew!

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