Wednesday, February 10, 2010

All Shapes and Sizes

Black History Month is a great time to think together about diversity. The world is a very diverse place. It is filled with folks who are short, tall, rich, poor, black, white, brown and a bunch of other configurations.

The same is true of congregations. Some are large, some are small, others live in the country while many dwell in the city. We are diverse!

You may have noticed (or it may not be this way in your neighborhood) that most congregations tend to be fairly homogeneous? Most of us look alike. We may have different backgrounds, different employment, different education, but we tend to look like the folks in the next pew.

While the world is looking very diverse...the church tends to reflect something different. Why is that? Is it intentional? How could we change that? Do we want to change? Is "well enough" good enough?

A couple of years ago I met a pastor named Rodney Woo in a community connected to the Houston metroplex. Pastor Woo has written a couple of books on the multi-cultural church. He not only writes about his plan, he lives it out every day. One step inside his congregation on Sunday morning will bless you will different languages, diverse people, and a plan to make it all work. Way to go Rodney and the Wilcrest Baptist Church! Lead the way!

For me, the Body of Christ is always richer, healthier, and more Biblical when the fullness of creation is represented, encouraged, and blessed. We are all better because the Body functions when grace abounds.

PS: Happy Birthday Mom!

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