Saturday, June 27, 2009


Did you hear? The new Transformers movie is coming out and people are so excited that many are camping out in front of the theater to buy the first tickets. Guess what? I will not be sleeping in the parking lot waiting for tickets. I love transformation but I am not crazy about this particular type of Transformers.

But there are a number of transformation sequences that do get my juices flowing. In fact, if I am reading the New Testament correctly, our primary job is the seeking and receiving of transformation that comes through the love of God. We are to "love the Lord" "love our neighbor" and "make disciples of all nations"... those themes are all about transformation.

While I am especially interested in how the love of God can change our spirits...I am also interested in other types of transformation. Let me show you what Sue and I have been doing the last couple of days. Typically I would avoid "bathroom" photos but here goes:

It started out as as a fairly nice bathroom in our new home. It was OK but it needed a bit of help. So, out goes the cabinet, up comes the floor, off goes the sheet rock, but the tub is cast iron! Finally it is down to the studs and ready to be rebuilt. The tub will become a large tile shower with some cool details, the floor will also be ceramic tile, and the cabinet /sink combo will get a fresh look. Before long, it will be transformed.

Isn't that the way it goes? It seems all lasting transformation starts with a bit of tear down before the rebuilding can begin. Not "tear down" like destroy or wound....but "tear down" as in confession, repentance and forgiveness. When those three are in strong connection with each other, the Lord has the opportunity to rebuild with great joy and wonderful results.

In the end, people who once were self focused become servants to others. People who found identity in holding on to everything discover the beauty of generosity. You get the picture! God loves transformation!

I could use a fresh dose of divine transformation myself! How about you

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