Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It is time for Annual Conference! We are here in Grand Junction Colorado where our Rocky Mountain Annual Conference is being held this year at the downtown Convention Center.

All is well after a 5 hour drive from Limon. We went to Limon on Tuesday so Ana could stay with our daughter, son-in-law and their family. Here's the interesting part. Three of our grandkids in Limon are full siblings of Ana's. So, our daughter's siblings are our grandchildren. Strange!

Anyway, even though the focus is on the Annual is an unusual time for the two of us. It is has been several years since Sue and I have been together over night on our own without Ana. It feels a little empty but it is nice to have the time together. We will all be reconnected on Sunday but for now ... she will enjoy the time with family and we will enjoy the time with each other.

Since my last post I loaded up a rental truck with my office stuff in Wilmore - drove two days to Colorado Springs - reconnected with Sue and Ana - and unloaded the office stuff at the church. My thanks to Jim, Dennis, George, and Dick for their help with all my stuff. My apology to the class that meets in the classroom right across from Cindy's office. It has become my temporary store room for more stuff than one person should need in a life time. Thanks for being patient with this transition process.

We are looking forward to July 1st when we will officially get started at the church. Meanwhile, we celebrate with you as Keith and Mary Ann wrap up their time at Wilson UMC. July 5 will be our first Sunday together. I have invited Keith and Mary Ann to join us for that worship experience so we can celebrate communion together as we pass the baton.

We are also looking forward to the opportunity to get to know you and your family. The SPRC is working to set up some meeting times when we can gather groups of people so we can have some introductory conversations. It will be good.

Meanwhile, we pray the Lord's blessing upon you and your family. Stay tuned, I will try to add more posts as we get closer to the first of July. Peace!

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