Thursday, November 10, 2011

Prayer Requests

It seems like I am always asking someone to pray.  It happens on Sunday morning when we gather for worship.  It happens in one-on-one settings.  It even happens through strange electronic media.  So, what happens when people pray?

I remember a conversation from years past.  I was sitting with a group of pastors.  One shared a prayer request about her son who was enlisting in the military so he could prepare to go to war.  She wanted to protect her son and invited us to pray for him.

Another member of the group was first to speak.  "I can't pray for your son because...what if something happens...would that prove God's unwillingness to hear our prayers?"  Bummer, I thought.  Did I just hear that?  Yep, I can't pray because God might not be faithful.  I spoke next and offered to pray for her son.

God doesn't always answer my prayers.  In fact, sometimes they just seem to go off somewhere unknown.  Other times they boomerang back with the speed of light.  Then there are those sacred moments when God draws near and invites us all to pray.  In a way, it is God's prayer request that always brings us to our knees.

Today I am praying for my favorite seminary students who will soon be leading the people of God in acts of prayer.  I am praying for current disciples who are struggling with their faith that will one day be solid and strong.  I am praying for all the people who are afraid to pray.  I am praying for someone to come along at just the right time so I can share a prayer request with them.

Like the glow of a quiet candle, like the subtle warmth of the flame, like the wax that becomes soft and fluid, like your heart and mine...I pray that we will always pray together.

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Anonymous said...

The older I get and continue on my faith journey, I realize that I simply pray and trust God! I want to be in relationship with my God and I know He cares how I feel and what I think. There is a sense of mystery for me but right now trusting is the only way!