Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Luke 21:34-38

Psalm 79          Micah 5:1-5a          Luke 21:34-38

                 The author of the Gospel of Luke was a physician. He traveled many of the missionary roads of the New Testament with the Apostle Paul. We also know that he was bright, articulate, and careful in his depiction of the life of Jesus.
                 In Chapter 21, Luke brings the words of Jesus to life. He also revives a portion of our             conversation from the past two days. Did you notice in verse 34 when he made reference to ‘that day’ that will close like a spring loaded trap? Remember, from our modern point of view it is easy to read ‘that day’ as any-old-day. But everyone who heard the words of Jesus knew exactly what he was talking about. It was a specific day in the spiritual history of the world when everything would change           dramatically.
Did you also notice the two key things Jesus commanded for the people? He must have been thinking about our Advent season in 2011! He said watch and pray. Watch, be ready, be aware, don’t let it slip by, put it at the top of your list, watch. He also instructed them to pray. Watch and pray, those are the two key spiritual disciplines of Advent.
I would like to ask you to join me in a bit of an experiment that will take us to the end of the day. Would you be willing to commit yourself to a heightened awareness of the presence of God in your life? Take a moment; put the plan and presence of God on your calendar. Stick the name of God to your refrigerator with a magnet. Put a sticky note on your computer screen. Do whatever you need to do, but create a way to keep the presence of God fully in your awareness. When you do that, you will be watching and praying. You will be fulfilling the teaching of Jesus.
The Road to the Manger is filled with watching and praying. Lord, make us aware!