Monday, September 5, 2011

Where did the summer go?

What happened?  Who was that masked man?  Was that a speeding bullet?  Where did the summer go?

Part of the answer is a great mystery.  It takes the shape of mystery because we all know that chronos is not the same as kairos.  In kairos time, God is in control.  Whenever God is in control the mystery begins to unfold.  So it is, the summer is gone but the mystery remains!

Meanwhile I have been doing my best to be faithful to Old Blue.  We've been around the block a time or two.  Soon the magic number will roll around.  1000 is a cool number with just the right number of zeros.  It is a balancing point that demands achievement and cries out to be overcome.  I think we will.  I am sure we can do it because Isaiah 40 proclaims the truth.  It's all about waiting!

I have been blessed with a wonderful place to serve with my Wilson sisters and brothers.  We are colleagues in Christ.  I also am blessed with some very interesting new friends.  I spent some time with them this week. What a joy to hear different accents and to discover the uniqueness of culture from around the world.  Here they are.  Waiting!

Those who wait upon the Lord...

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