Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Getting it Right

Tonight I will be doing a brief teaching about the nature of the Holy Spirit.  I want to get it right!  But getting it right is a really complex thing.  I know my conversation will simply touch the surface as we think about the nature, ministry, and presence of the Holy Spirit.  Still, I want to get it right.

I guess the only real way to do that is to take a look inside. Do I have it 'right' on the inside?  Am I living and loving the indwelling Spirit of God?  Am I allowing the Holy Spirit to live through me?  Am I expressing the gifts that the Spirit has provided so ministry within the Body of Christ is maximized and comes to an new understanding of unity?

These are the real questions that will make all the difference.  I can get the Bible references correct, articulate the theology of pneumatology to the best of my ability (limited at best), and I can lead a solid discussion about the ins-and-outs of the Trinity...but if it is not right inside it will show on the outside.

Spirit of the living God, Fall afresh on me...Help me get it right from the inside out!

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