Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Leadership Lessons From the Saddle #3

Here's the deal...sometimes you can actually get going faster than you can pedal! You might be going down hill really fast and discover that there is no resistance in the pedal. Try as you might, you can only spin and 'empty' pedal.

You can have the same experience going up hill. If you shift too soon or if you are in the wrong gear, the pedals will get empty and you will find no resistance.

Here is the leadership lesson, it is always harder to push 'empty' pedals!

Think about it, if everyone is just saying 'yes' for the sake of going along to get along. Or if you have developed a great presentation and no one is present to hear it. Or if you develop a culture where no one feels comfortable adding a critical comment or offering an alternate point of is like pushing empty pedals. Sooner or later, it will all go astray.

Imagine developing a culture where energy is created by positive controversy. Where no one would let the final product become mundane just because it was the easy way to go. What if decision making groups went to the next highest option rather than naturally move toward the lowest common denominator?

Work harder, get better, grow stronger, by committing to never push empty pedals. Either enjoy the downhill blast or climb in the right gear. Everyone will be blessed if you do!

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