Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Leadership Lessons from the Saddle (1)

The photo is a new Trek 520 touring bike. It is still just a dream because I am eternally fully committed to my 1982 Cresta that has served me well since it came off the showroom floor many years (and a whole lot of miles) ago!

But that is not the topic! I want to share a couple of things I have learned by simply spending time in the saddle. So here we go.

Here is the most obvious principle: When approaching a hill, gear down long before you struggle as the hill unfolds in front of your eyes, burns your legs, and causes your lungs to explode!

I missed this basic lesson on my early rides. I thought it was a bit wimpy to down shift so the pedals were easier to push. It may be a guy thing but it is not smart!

The key is to anticipate, get ready, shift early, enjoy the ride by using your energy in the best sequence.

From a leadership perspective in the local church, the key is the same...anticipate. Be ready for the Spirit to move, be prepared for an expected out come to actually arrive!

Right now we are blessed with strong and growing attendance at our early service of worship. We know that will not growth pattern will not go on forever. In fact, it will ultimately level off and stay at a plateau unless we anticipate, prepare, and are ready for a trigger point to arrive.

Therefore, it is our leadership task to look to the future, discern a trigger point, and be ready before the hill arrives. We know that groups in an 'auditorium' setting (read movie theater, worship center, or anywhere people gather to be seated)will typically perceive that the auditorium is 'full' when it is actually only 80% full.

In some situations folks will move beyond the 80% level and even move to 100% and beyond but that will only happen for a short time. Ultimately it will settle back to 80% as a limit unless anticipation has happened effectively!

Here is the bottom line...Gear up and go for it!

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