Saturday, June 30, 2012

And Now...The Time Has Come

There is a line at the close of the song 'My Way' that says, "and now, the time has come, it's time to face the final curtain..."  I think when Frank sang the song the line was a thinly veiled reference to the end of life.  I want to shorten the line just a bit today so it just touches the fullness of life but does not actually arrive at the end.

We have been talking about turning points, times of change, things that move on and shift into the future.  So, (for me) it is now time.  The time has come.  As of today (midnight I suppose), I will no longer be the Senior Pastor of the Wilson Church in Colorado Springs.  At 12:01 AM my appointment will click into gear at the Parker United Methodist Church.

Let me translate a bit...that means that we (our family) is living in grief and excitement.  Sorrow for the changing relationships that have been past and dead run excited about the ministry, mission and relationships that will be launched in a new setting. 

And so, the time has come.  It is a good time.  It is God's time.  And it is our desire to live fully in God's kairos time.  Kairos is the intersection between the purpose of God, the dream of his people, and the calendar/clock that often takes charge of our journey.  When it all comes together...good things happen.  I know it is true because I have seen the faithfulness of God time and time again.

Thanks be to God who always has something new for our life of faith.  It may be a challenge.  But it will always be a blessing if we are in alinement with the heart of God.  I may not always be on track or in exact alinement but I want to sing a song about living life "God's Way."

Thanks for joining me on the journey.

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