Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Housing Update

Lots of kind folks have inquired about how we are doing with our housing situation.  I can tell you that (other than lots of cardboard on the horizon) we are in good shape.  It now looks like our home here in Colorado Springs is moving toward closing.  And our new home on Crow Hill Drive in Parker is likewise on track for a positive closing date.  At the same time, you all know that these situations are never really final until a thousand signatures are placed on the dotted line.  So far, so good!

Many others have asked about programing and opportunities for Ana after we make the move.  She is currently involved with a wonderful Christian organization called Mosaic here in COS.  She is involved with their day vocational program and it has been great.  Unfortunately, it is difficult to make advance arrangements for the next step in Parker since most programs are orcharstrated through various county based clearing houses.  As a result, you actually need to reside in the county and move through a qualification process before any formal program connnections can be made. We are anticipating that there will be a similar program that is connected to the Douglas County system.

Meanwhile, we are invested in our last days with the Wilson United Methodist Church and the wonderful folks who have faithfully made some wonderful things happen here.  The days are getting short!

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